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eastern Arc phase 2

Eastern Arc Phase II is the extension of the ongoing Eastern Arc real estate project by Sumeru Infrastructures, known for its swift progress. Offering abundant green spaces, pure air, and natural light, it stands as Dehradun's premier property choice. This development is designed to provide a contemporary lifestyle to all residents, promising a unique living experience with Sumeru Infrastructures.

Nestled amidst the splendor of nature, Eastern Arc creates a luxurious haven with its extravagant 2BHK apartments and grand penthouses. Positioned against a backdrop of lush mountains and sweeping panoramas, this retreat embodies refined living in harmony with the environment. A blend of serenity and convenience, Eastern Arc offers an escape from the city's hustle and bustle while ensuring accessibility to urban amenities. Here, residents savor the embrace of abundant greenery, the crisp mountain air, and awe-inspiring views, all while enjoying modern comforts. This elegant sanctuary epitomizes a well-balanced life, where the allure of nature and the conveniences of city living seamlessly merge into perfection.


Sumeru Iastern Arc
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The ethos of Eastern Arc Apartments is built on a foundation of two core principles: luxury without draining your pocket and the natural beauty that envelops its surroundings. This unique approach to residential living has established Eastern Arc Apartments as a beacon of affordable luxury in the heart of nature's splendor.

At Eastern Arc, luxury is not merely a word; it's a way of life that's accessible to all. The commitment to providing top-tier amenities, impeccable design, and a high-quality living experience is unwavering. However, what truly sets Eastern Arc apart is its dedication to making this luxury accessible to a wider audience. Here, residents can enjoy the finer things in life without the burden of exorbitant expenses, ensuring that luxury living remains within reach for many.

2 BHK ( GOLD )


Discover the exquisite Gold 2 BHK apartment at Eastern Arc, a luxurious 1336 to 1385 sqft. living space. Enjoy spacious, beautifully finished interiors and modern amenities. Elevate your lifestyle and experience the comfort of your own sanctuary as a successful homeowner.


1336 to 1385 sqft



Experience luxury in Eastern Arc's Platinum 2 BHK apartment, 1496 sqft. of space with two side facing balconies. Lavish finishes and modern amenities provide ultimate comfort. Make it yours and enjoy your sanctuary.


1496 sqft



Step into Eastern Arc's world of luxury with the Diamond 2 BHK apartment. This spacious 1660 to 1675 sqft. residence features two  balconies, offering a cozy and opulent lifestyle with modern amenities. Enjoy your personal hideaway.


1660 to 1675 sqft



Enjoy elegance at Eastern Arc's 1854 to 1865 sqft. Diamond  Plus Two side-facing balconies in a two-bedroom home for luxury living. A life of luxury and comfort awaits at your private getaway.


1854 to 1865 sqft

Eastern Arc Phase 1, established in 2015, is a unique and remarkable residential development nestled in the picturesque city of Dehradun, India. This exclusive apartment-based society has earned its reputation as a true gem in the region, setting a new standard for luxurious living surrounded by the splendor of nature.

What makes Eastern Arc Phase 1 truly exceptional is its unparalleled location. Situated amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the majestic Himalayan mountains and enveloped by lush, verdant forests, it offers residents an oasis of tranquility and natural beauty. The sprawling complex is a harmonious blend of modern urban living and the serenity of the great outdoors, making it one of a kind in the region.


Eastern Arc Phase 1 has not only redefined luxurious living but has also contributed significantly to the real estate landscape in Dehradun. Its establishment brought a novel concept of apartment-based societies in the region, setting a precedent for future developments. This pioneering approach has not only elevated the city's real estate market but also created a blueprint for sustainable and nature-friendly living spaces.

In the years since its inception, Eastern Arc Phase 1 has garnered a devoted community of residents who relish the unique blend of modern amenities and the tranquility of nature. It stands as a testament to visionary urban planning, responsible development, and a commitment to preserving the natural beauty that surrounds it.

As Eastern Arc Phase 1 continues to flourish, it remains a shining example of what can be achieved when innovative design meets a spectacular natural setting. It has not only elevated the standards of living in Dehradun but also serves as an inspiration for future developments that aim to harmonize urban life with the breathtaking landscapes that define this enchanting region.


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